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50% of profit from yard signs goes toward supporting organizations fighting for social and environmental justice.

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As seen on @Oprah and @MoveOn

Can't wait to show our solidarity with a picture of your sign and our team here in Madison WI. I'm an optimist... Together we can create a better world!

Gary M

Thanks for all of your efforts to keep the conversation going around the importance of pursuing the greater good, celebrating our diversity and prioritizing human rights over corporate greed.

Joseph S

Signs aren't enough, but I'm finding that they are one great way to start the conversations that I want to be having in my community.

Jill R

Keep up the good work, and we'll do the same in the only blue county in SW michigan.

Teras B

SUPER HAPPY to have just received our sign. It is now proudly planted in front of our home and will hopefully spread some love around the neighborhood

Tracy C

Love people that take a stand no matter how big or small! Several homes have these signs in their yard.

Marie A

I was lifted beyond measure upon reading your sign.... thankful that my family has found shelter and solidarity in the company of such open and affirming folks.

Jo C.

Thank you so very much for giving us a way to express our humanity & concerns in a positive way!!

Candice S

Thanks for your good work.  Your sign will be in a tiny, northern Wisconsin village, spreading a hopeful message.

Sandy H